Chocolate/liquorice Dessert with Douglas Spiik
Life without a nice dessert would just be all salad and no fun. And life's too short for that. That's why we think that you should try Douglas new dessert… <
Almond tarte
A really nice traditional treat <
the experience of this macaron is like eating springtime. Put another way, one might say that Vivaldi’s Primavera revs into full orchestral mode right… <
Caprese dessert
Chef Johannes Hagemann makes Caprese salad as a dessert <
Molecular wonders with Douglas Spiik
One of Sweden's leading experts in molecular gastronomy, Douglas Spiik, shows in this video how to create an outstanding molecular dessert with raspberry… <
Magdalenas Larsson award winning pastry
If you think making macarons is a challenge, maybe you should stay clear from this amazing award-winning cake. It's made in five layers, with almond sponge… <
Profito rolls
Profito rolls are crispy paté choux with pastry cream and caramel. It's simply delicious to be enjoyed together with a hot cup of tea. <
Chocolate dream
No wonder it's called Chocolate dream. If you often dream of chocolate, this is the cure! It's simply dreamicious! <
Mathias sourdough bread
Mathias sourdough bread is anything but a sour experience. Lovely crisp on the outside, sweet and perfect texture and chewiness on the inside (of course… <
English bun
An english bun wouldn't be any fun without the butterraisins, candied oranges, ginger and icing on top. In fact, it wouldn't be an english bun at all. <
Chocolate brioche
Pastry chef Mathias Fritzdorf at Systrarna Delselius pastry shop knows how to make a really nice chocolate brioche. Check it out! <
strawberry brioche
Pastry chef Mathias Fritzdorf at Systrarna Delselius pastry shop knows how to make a superb strawberry brioche. When the strawberry season is on, you know… <
Queens apple
Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Svenska.
Princess cake
Ingress Ingredients Sponge 5 cups of eggs250 gram castor sugar200 gram plain flour50 gram cornstarch3 gram of baking powder Pastry cream 100 gram caster…
Glace au four cherrie
Sugar syrup for sorbet 2 1/2 cups water 340g caster sugar 60 g glucose Mix all ingredients together in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil. Allow to cool…
Vanilla ice cream
vanilla ice cream 125 g of cream 3 egg yolks 50g caster sugar 125 g of milk 1 vanilla pod Simmer all ingredients. Warm to about 70 degrees. Stir constantly…
Caramel amaretto mousse
chocolate sponge 350 gram butter 350 gram sugar 150 gram flour 2.8 l eggs 4 cup melted dark chocolate mix  butter, sugar and flour. mix the melted chocolate…
mocka parfait with sabayonsauce
MOCKAPARFAIT Strong coffee 4 cups whipping cream, 200g castor sugar 1 cup water 100 g egg yolk Whisk together sugar and egg yolks in saucepan. Whisk until…
Sugar ribbons
Traditional caramel 1-3 Hg glycos 1 kg of sugar 4 cups water The sugar / water boiled add glycosen let stand overnight. Boil to 143-150 ° C The edges…
Ingress Ingredients Fast puff pastry 100g plain flour 100g butter 1 g of salt 55 g of water Filling 225 grams of sugar 220 grams roughly chopped nuts 4 eggs…
(Svenska) Choklad eclair
Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.
Almond tarte
A really nice traditional treat
Marzipan cat
marzipan to the figures you chould only use high quality marzipan cheaper varieties of marzipan is usually too soft
Lime napoleon
Why do you think Napoleon was such a great captain and succesful war strategist? Because he ate lots of lime cake of course! The combination of sweet and sour…